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北京赛车精准计划:Loss of 22 million yuan Guo Jin Fund took two years downhill

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内容摘要: Each year in April, are listed companies andfund company 's "sales season", with the listed companies, especially securities comp...

Each year in April, are listed companies and fund company 's "sales season", with the listed companies, especially securities companies, bank annual report intensive disclosure, the fund company's 2017 financial data are also gradually exposed. "Fengwai Finance" noted that of the 35 fund companies that have disclosed financial data, three small fund companies including the state funds have suffered losses.

According to the consolidated announcement information, as of April 15th, out of the 35 fund companies that have disclosed 2017 results, 26 had disclosed their revenues, and the total operating revenue was 38.78 billion yuan. Among them, there are 5 operating incomes over 3 billion yuan, which are respectively E Fund , China Fund , Huitianfu Fund , South Fund , Boshi Fund . In terms of net profit, the most profitable fund company is ICBC Credit Suisse Fund . Last year, net profit exceeded RMB 1.6 billion, up 12% year-on-year; followed by E Fund, net profit reached RMB 1.4 billion, a slight increase of nearly 5% year-on-year; The China Development Fund, with a profit of 1.37 billion yuan, followed closely, but its year-on-year figure dropped by -6%. In addition, CCB Fund entered the “1 billion yuan club” with an 11% increase.

However, the survival conditions of some small fund companies are not optimistic. Three of the 35 fund companies have suffered losses and all of them are small fund companies.

Specifically, China Shipping Fund , Founder Fubon Fund and China Gold Fund all ended in losses last year, with net profits of -200 million yuan, -47.54 million yuan, -244.93 million yuan, respectively, the year-on-year rates of increase were - 346%, -1040.43%, -144.59%. In addition, the net profit fell more than half of the Guolian Security Fund , a year-on-year decrease of 71%.

It is worth noting that the China Gold Fund achieved revenue of RMB 213 million last year and realized a net profit of RMB -24,496,300. In 2016, the fund's profitability was remarkable, with operating income of RMB 275 million and profit of RMB 50,457,100. . In just one year, net profit dropped sharply by 144.59%, although operating revenue declined.

“For the time being, a small fund company is mostly profitable last year, but there is a tendency that the growth rate will slow down, and it can be seen in a vague manner. Under the market conditions of stock games, it still faces a dilemma of survival.” industry sources said.

The Guojin Fund was established in November 2011 and has been operating for nearly 7 years. From a performance point of view, although the company did not overwhelm but did not lag behind last year, all of its active equity and fixed income products have achieved positive gains. However, in terms of asset size, it is still less than 3 billion yuan. Some industry insiders speculate that the China Gold Fund's net profit will be in a substantial loss when the revenue is fairly stable. It should be more expenditure, but it does not know the specific reasons.

“Fujiwai Finance” noted that this speculation by industry insiders was confirmed by the China Gold Fund. As for the cause of the loss, Guojin Fund stated that it has invested heavily in the investment research team, sales team, and IT construction last year. “It has introduced some industry-leading investment and sales staff, including the introduction of a 'golden bull' in June. “Mutual fund manager”; introduced the deputy general manager of the market-in-charge system in August, and four sales managers with rich experience; at the end of last year, major breakthroughs were made in the major banking channels and institutions of . At the same time, to improve the products The layout last year introduced two senior product designers.”

By comparing the financial data since the establishment of the Fund, we found that the performance of this fund company is very volatile, with a maximum profit of RMB 119 million, but it can also make up to a loss of 1.34. 100 million yuan. In the establishment of the State Gold Fund in 2011, the fund company achieved a net profit of 1380.224 million yuan, which was also the year with the highest loss since its establishment. In 2012, it achieved a net profit of -457.5513 million yuan. Although it is still losing money, the amount of the loss has decreased significantly; In 2013, it realized a net profit of -26,802,100 yuan, and the company was still reducing losses; in 2014, it realized a net profit of 16,076,600 yuan. It finally turned from loss to profit in the fourth year of its establishment; in 2015, it realized a net profit of 119.938 million yuan, which made the company founded. The first glory since; 2016 net profit of 50,457,100 yuan, performance dropped sharply over 50%; in 2017 to achieve a net profit of -24,496,300 yuan, the performance continued to fall for two years after a loss.

The analysis shows that the 2015 China International Capital Fund can achieve a substantial increase in net profit, mainly due to the contribution of subsidiaries, and the public offering business is no longer a loss, which stimulates the overall profitability of the Guojin Fund. However, in 2016 and 2017, the profitability of the company declined. The direct cause may be related to the weak growth in the 2016 public offering and the scale of the subsidiary account business of Guojin Fund. Of course, the SJF does increase investment in research and investment management processes, information security, quantitative operation platforms, and data analysis platform construction.





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